Basic and Advanced Website Design

Understanding Basic Design Concepts

Website design Melbourne firms have a lot of work cut out for them when they begin their projects. New firms often stick to fundamentals and this can be surprisingly refreshing and effective in the beginning. In order for a website to be found in search engines, SEO will need to be an essential ingredient built into the design, but the basics are just as important, too. It doesn’t matter if visitors find the website. If they get there and the design is confusing and jumbled and unappealing, they’re never going to visit again, and no website can flourish if this happens.

Some basic design concepts

Design concepts give GMG web design Melbourne firms a starting point for all of their projects. They let designers know which fundamental building blocks they need to keep in mind when creating the website. Most website design Melbourne firms are going to think about one or all of these things while building a website.

White space

Website design Melbourne firms try to remember that sometimes readers need a break. There needs to be some white space – space that doesn’t contain words or graphics – in order to give the reader a bit of a break and let them digest things they’re reading. Having a breather is a great way to really engage in the content on the page.


The site needs to have good fonts, font sizes, and line lengths in order to be more readable. Website design Melbourne firms are always going to keep readability in mind when designing.

Keywords in page content

Keywords are still important because these are the words that search engines need to pick up on when they’re spidering the site. It’s not enough to have keywords there though. They need to be natural to human readers and easily found by search engine spiders. Website design Melbourne teams will often work on this so that everything flows together in a natural way but still includes the keywords needed for search engine success.

Website design Melbourne teams and the basics

The basics will always be an important part of any mission taken on by website design Melbourne teams. Make sure that when you hire a company, they’re aware of the fundamentals just as much as they are aware of the more advanced techniques of SEO design.

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