Website Design Melbourne and SEO

How Website Design Melbourne Should Be An Essential Part Of Your SEO Strategy

The Internet is an extremely competitive marketplace with hundreds of thousands of websites vying for one of the top spots in Google’s search results for money-making keywords. Every website owner worries about keyword-optimized content and link building, however, few business owners realize that website design Melbourne plays a key role in search engine optimization.

Search Engine SpidersĀ 

Website design Melbourne is not just about building an aesthetically pleasing website; it is about making the site pleasing to search engine spiders as well. An XML sitemap provides a directory for search engines, which includes all of your website’s pages that you want them to crawl regularly. Additionally, if you have a JavaScript-rich website, website design Melbourne have the tools to verify that Google and other major search engines are able to properly index your content.


Having important pages with your website’s keywords higher in your menu, with sub pages, such as an about us page, that links back to the home page or main category page tells Google what is important. Fewer main navigation categories also make it easier for visitors instead of overwhelming them with too many choices.

Clean Coding

Using GMG web design Melbourne professionals to develop your website will ensure that your site has clean coding. Clean coding is important for numerous reasons, however, the most important is that your website will load faster since Google now penalizes slow-loading websites. After a few seconds of waiting for a website to load, people will hit the back button, so you will lose leads as well as your ranking.


While search engines do not care how about aesthetics, visitors do. If your website looks outdated or it is difficult to read, consumers will head to one of your competitor’s sites. Having website design Melbourne build your website makes sure that you will have an aesthetically pleasing website that encourages visitors to stay. When a visitors only stays on your website for only a second or two, your bounce rate increases, which search engines see as a sign that your content is not relevant to the keyword phrase the visitor used to find your link.


Website design Melbourne will verify that your website is responsive and renders properly on all devices, which is crucial to search engines, especially when they are returning local search results.

If your SEO efforts start with your website design, you will come out ahead of your competitors who overlook Website design Melbourne as the first step in creating an SEO-friendly website.

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